Intuitive Chakra Readings

What would an energy reading reveal about you?


An Aura/Chakra reading involves using Reiki to “look” at your chakra centers. These chakra centers are energy centers that are aligned down the front and back of the body. Reading these chakras can provide unique insight(s) regarding your spiritual, emotional and physical status on a deeper level. The information and understanding you gain can help facilitate the healing of emotional and mental blocks in your chakras, allowing the energy in your aura/chakras to flow more freely creating harmony within. Intuitive chakra readings are also very interesting and great fun!

Aura/Chakra readings can be added to a standard energy therapy session for an extended service.

Speak with your practitioner to purchase a personalized energy-infused chakra stone after your reading! 


In-Home Service vs. Silver Moon Reiki Home-Site:


We are happy to provide our Intuitive Chakra Reading service conveniently at your home or office location as well as at Silver Moon Reiki in Cary, NC.  

If you prefer an in-home service, we have a portable massage table that we will bring to your location.  All we need is an area approximately 10' long and 7' wide in order to set-up and use our table.  If your space is limited, your Chakra Reading can be provided easily and comfortably while sitting in your favorite chair!


If you would rather have your Intuitive Chakra Reading at Silver Moon Reiki located in Cary, NC, just let us know.


Our goal is to make your Silver Moon Reiki experience as convenient and comfortable as possible!