Our Practitioners

Candace & Todd


Candace Carnegie and Todd Hankinson are the owners and practitioners of Silver Moon Reiki, LLC. They are a married couple located in Cary, NC and are certified Masters in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki tradition and authorized Archangelic Light Masters . Both combine their hard science backgrounds with the spiritual learnings of Reiki to offer our clients the best possible care and service.  Candace's background is in Material Science & Engineering and is also a former registered jeweler and Silver Moon's expert in the use of crystals and healing stones.  Todd has a Biological Sciences background with nearly 25 years in the Health Care and Medicine Development Industry and specializes in home clearings and object blessings.  Both were initially drawn to energy work as a method for meditation, spiritual enhancement, self-healing and as a way to improve the lives of the many pets with which they share their home.

One of the unique benefits of working with Silver Moon Reiki is that you are always working with a team of practitioners!  Due to their close relationship as a married couple and business partners, Candace and Todd offer assistance and insights to one another on a daily basis, all to ensure our clients have the best possible outcome and experience.   This strong partnership along with their unique talents allows Silver Moon Reiki to bring you a complex, multifaceted approach for your individual needs.   We would be honored to assist you and your animal companions on your wellness journey!