Shamanic Energy Work


Shamanic Healing through Integrative Shamanic Practices

Here at Silver Moon Reiki, Candace and Todd practice integrated energetic healing. They use Reiki, Archangelic Light, and shamanic energy practices as a normal part of their services. Each tradition is part of their “energetic” toolkit, with Reiki serving as the foundation of the energic practice.


While our practitioners do not consider themselves to be ‘shaman’, as they reserve that term for indigenous people who have grown up in a shamanic tradition, they are trained in shamanic energy practices. These energy practices are seamlessly and easily integrated into each energy session to assist in the removal of unhealthy patterns and limiting beliefs, and as a catalyst for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Shamanic energy practices can also used during any home/space/land clearings, and is a powerful tool to heal the land itself from trauma.

A Note on Shamanic Energy Practices:

Shamanism is part of the culture of humanity, and is not focused on one single region of the world or one tribe of humanity. You will find shamanic practices covering the entire globe and throughout the entire history of mankind. While the cultures and belief systems can be quite different for a shamanic energy practitioner depending on their specific tradition, they all have core elements that cross traditions. These include: (1) A shamanic practitioner can voluntarily enter a visionary state of consciousness where (2) they experience a journey into nonordinary realms of existence where (3) they acquire knowledge and power for their own use or for the healing others. These three features are what is called core shamanism and are part of every shamanic tradition.

A classic example of a shamanic technique would be a practitioner journeying into a nonordinary reality (spiritual realm) to retrieve a missing soul piece, to assisting the dying to cross over to the next realm, or to remove an illness, curse or negative attachment that has a spiritual cause.