Classes & Workshops


Reiki & Archangelic Light Training Classes

Silver Moon Reiki offers a number of classes and workshops, both on-demand and on a regular basis.  During these classes, you receive skills and benefits that last a lifetime! Each class includes a comprehensive study manual and a personal certificate of completion. Classes include background on the subject, theory and traditional protocols of the specific energy modality, practical applications, lots of in-class discussion, and a heavy emphasis on hands-on learning with our teachers! 

We focus on small group classes (2-6) in order to maximize teacher/student hands-on training. Besides learning amazing, life-long skills, participants often find these classes assist on their personal spiritual journeys, often in surprising and profound ways.

Current 2020 offerings:


Archangelic LIght I class - Saturday, April 18th.  9am to 5pm.  This will be a small class capped at 4 individuals.  Please email us at if you are interested in attending!  Once confirmed, a deposit will be required to hold your place.  See more info on the class below.

We offer the following energy modality classes:

Reiki I – First Degree Reiki Training

Traditional Usui Reiki will be learned.  Four 1st degree attunements will be received which allow Reiki energy to flow through you – an ability that lasts a lifetime! You will learn the history of Reiki; the Reiki precepts; practice techniques to ground, center and protect; introduction to the chakra system; and training in classic Reiki protocol and hand positions for use on yourself and others. Cost of this class is $180.

Pre-requisites:  Anyone can learn Reiki I – no special training or skills required!

Reiki II – Second Degree Reiki training

In this class you continue your training in Traditional Usui Reiki. You will receive two second degree Reiki attunements and learn three Reiki symbols including POWER, HARMONY/PSYCHOLOGICAL, and LONG DISTANCE. These symbols increase the flow of Reiki energy, allow one to connect more deeply at the emotional and subconscious level, and allow healing to be sent long-distance. Cost of this class is $180.

Pre-requisites:  Reiki I certification is required for this class. 

Archangelic Light I – Practitioner training

In this class you will be entrained to the energy of Archangelic light, enabling you to offer Archangelic Light to yourself and others. During this class you will learn about: energy management; the protocol for providing Archangelic Light; Angels and Divine Feminine; how to send this energy at a distance; and how to anchor Archangelic Light to a location/space. 

Cost of this class is $260.

Pre-requisites:  Anyone can learn Archangelic Light I – no special training or skills required!

Archangelic Light II – Master training

During our AL Master class, you deepen your understanding of this amazing energy and balance your Divine Feminine energy with Divine Masculine Energy. You will receive the ability to pass on Archangelic Light codes to others. Additionally, you will learn/experience:  instruction in the entrainment ceremony to strengthen the intentions for both Masters and Practitioners; crystal use in Archangelic Light sessions including grids; intuitive practice including connecting to angels and spirit guides. Cost of this class is $280. 

Pre-requisites:  Archangelic Light I certification is required for this class. 

Workshops & Mentoring

We offer a variety of workshops, often on demand for single-practitioners or small groups (2-4 students). Workshops generally run 1-2 hours in total length. The cost of each workshop is pro-rated based on the number of participants and the length needed for adequate training on the topic. 

Some of these workshops include:

  • Animal Reiki
  • Home clearing 101
  • Crystal/stone Lore
  • Pendulum work 101
  • Use of rattles in energy work

We also offer topic specific training/mentoring for Reiki and Archangelic Light practitioners who want more in-depth training on specific aspects of these energy modalities.

If there are other topics you are interested in learning, please let us know. We can tailor our training to your specific needs!