Spiritual House Clearing in Cary, NC

A woman experiencing our spiritual house cleansing services in Cary, NC

Cleanse Unwanted Negativity with a Energetic Space Clearing

Just like a spring cleaning, blessing your space with energy is a great way to bring love, light and tranquility into your home while cleaning up all the unwanted negativity that has been left cluttering up your space.  Lingering negative energies in a space can cause stress, fear, tension, anger and even illness when exposed to them for too long.

Our practitioners will use traditional methods of clearing (such as burning of Sage/Palo Santo and the use of sounds from singing bowls) along with the energy of Reiki and/or Archangelic Light for a very thorough space cleansing.   Once the clearing is done, the energy in the space will lift, brighten and circulate more easily, giving those in the space a more loving, positive and productive state of mind.  Better still, the gentle and loving energy of Reiki and/or Archangelic Light will continue to lighten the space and clear it of any further intrusions of negative energies.  Doing such a clearing on a regular basis will keep your home or office space healthy and productive!

Negative Entities and Spirits

While regular space clearings/home blessings are an excellent way to keep the energy in your space light and balanced, there are times a clearing is more urgently needed. In some cases, a negative entity or harmful spirit can be present in a home or space, “borrowing” the energy of the living and creating  feelings of fear, depression and exhaustion as well as causing ill-health to those within the space.  In such cases, we will clear the negative entities from your space, returning balance and tranquility to its occupants.  In cases where negative energies or entities manage to attach to occupants of the home, we will clear these energies as well.

Suggested times to have a house blessing or space clearing include:

  • When you feel your space is being shared with a spirit of negative intention
  • When the space you occupy has a history of tragedy, illness or bad luck
  • Prior to putting your home on the market for sale
  • When you desire positive energy to start a new project
  • Anytime you want to brighten your space and improve its energy flow
  • Prior to moving to a new living or working space
  • If you have had a spate of bad luck and find that life has been a constant struggle
  • When the occupants of the home/space suffer from low energy, depression, and restlessness
  • When a companion moves out, particularly one who you had a troubling or negative relationship with
  • After a stressful break-up or divorce
  • Following a death or illness

Distance Clearing

Sometimes it is not possible to do a clearing on site.  In cases such as this, we offer our Distance Clearing service.  Much like our Distance Healing service, our practitioners are able to move energy to the desired location at a distance to bless it, clear it of any unwanted energies and entities, and return light and tranquility to the location.