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Object Clearings

No one who purchases used clothes, furniture, jewelry, antiques and other objects thinks much about what energies surround or infuse the object they just brought into their home. Objects, just like spaces, can have lingering negative energetic vibrations that cause trouble for their owners.

Our energy boosting and cleansing ritual will remove any attached negative energy within an object by purifying it with Reiki and/or Archangelic Light energy. 

Object Blessings

This ritual can also be used to raise the energetic vibration within any object, imbuing it with the blessing of Reiki or Archangelic Light!  An object infused with these energies helps to create a sense of peace and serenity when you have the object close to you. Wearing an object with Reiki or Archangelic Light energy will help you to feel calm and centered throughout the day. 

Silver Moon Reiki blessings are great for items such as:

  • Engagement rings, wedding and anniversary bands
  • Other jewelry including bracelets and pendants
  • Religious objects (crosses, holy water, prayer beads, Star of David, Hamsa, Buddha’s, etc.)
  • Crystals and other gemstones
  • Personal items of special importance
  • Items used often in your work/occupation
  • Divining tools such as pendulums, oracle cards and tarot cards to set a positive intention

This service can be provided for your convenience at our Cary, NC location or at your home/business.    

We want to make your Reiki experience as convenient and comfortable as possible!