Energy-infused Crystals, Stones, Charms & Pendulums


Stones/Crystals Chosen for your Specific Needs

 Silver Moon Reiki is happy to offer a selection of crystals, gemstones, charms and pendulums infused with either Reiki or Archangelic Light energy and hand-picked for your specific needs from our own inventory! 

All our stones and charms have been infused with energy in a 3-day ceremonial process. Browse our inventory or let one of our practitioners help you pick just the right stone(s) based on your individual needs. We have stones for all occasions such as protection, prosperity, grounding, love, and insight. We suggest a bundle of 3 or more stones for maximum effect.  If we don't have the stone(s) you are interested in, we can source exactly what you want through our local vendor.

Some of our current inventory of energy-infused stones include:



Angelite, Blue Calcite, Fluorite, Moonstone, Orange Calcite, Pink Calcite, Rose Quartz, Selenite, Yellow Jasper


Citrine, Green Adventurine, Green & Orange Calcite, Tiger’s Eye

Awareness/Psychic Enhancement

Amethyst, Angelite, Blue Calcite, Fluorite, Moonstone, Moroccan Quartz, Quartz Crystal, Selenite, Staurolite, Tibetan Black Quartz


Amethyst, Black Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Selenite, Staurolite, Tibetan Black Quartz, Yellow Jasper


What is special about energy-infused items?

We offer a wide variety of items including gemstones, crystals and pendulums that that have been infused with Reiki or Archangelic Light energy during our unique 3-day ceremonial process. As part of this process, all items have been cleansed with sound, smoke, fire, and water as well as been charged with sunlight and the light of a full moon. This process will bless these items with a peaceful, soothing, and harmonious energy. Wearing or carrying such an object will help you to feel calm and centered throughout the day.

For those that collect stones and crystals to use for healing, luck, protection, etc., our energy treatment elevates and strengthens the vibrations of these stones, greatly enhancing their inherent abilities. Additionally, Reiki and Archangelic Light strengthens the spiritual vibration of the item, enhancing their link to the Divine, assisting in meditations and prayers to one’s specific spiritual pantheon, be they angels, spirit guides, your Higher Self or the Deity or deities of your chosen religion.

As for our pendulums, not only does our treatment boost the spiritual connection of these items, but it automatically sets the intention of these tools to the positive!

Crystal Readings


Each stone has its own story to tell

Much like our Intuitive Chakra Reading service, we can provide a reading on any stone/crystal you bring to us or that we sell to you from our own inventory.  We have found that each stone has its own story to tell, and the reading gives the owner a feel for their stone's innate nature.  We feel vibrations, see energetic colors (much as we do for chakras) and receive visualizations and other imagery from each and every stone!   


In-Home Service vs. Silver Moon Reiki Home-Site:

Our goal is to make your Silver Moon Reiki experience as convenient and comfortable as possible!  We are happy to provide our Crystal Reading service conveniently at your home or office location as well as at Silver Moon Reiki in Cary, NC.